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Our wedding photography service offers a blend of candid moments and beautifully orchestrated shots to capture the essence of your special day!


With picturesque locations and playful interactions, our engagement photography service offers couples a unique opportunity to capture the magic of their love story.


From glam portraits to heartfelt moments, we offer a tailored experience to celebrate and immortalize this special milestone of becoming a woman.

client love

Christian & Jesa

“The talents behind Love Train Studios don’t make you feel that you are just a client. The entire experience was fun and spontaneous. There was never a dull moment from our first meeting, to prenup shoot, until the big day. We felt comfortable in sharing our ideas while trusting your expertise. You guys get our vibe and worked your magic in every shot. Despite the numerous setbacks and a rollercoaster of unpredictable circumstances, you were able to encapsulate our story. You have captured each moment exactly as it was. The photos were so astounding that they were featured not just once, but several times, in one of the most famous wedding blogs/pages here in the Philippines. We couldn’t be happier that we chose you to be a part of our wedding dream team.”

Joven & Kate

“Even a still photo tells a beautiful (love) story. Clean and detailed, that is how we looked at Love Train’s works and that is exactly how we want our wedding pictures to be preserved. Justin and team, you are the best! Thank you so so much for your excellence and for the gorgeous photos shared, although we did not get the entire album yet. We are already very thrilled for the preview. We are overwhelmed watching the same day photo slideshow, artistically and beautifully made. 😊 We are comforted looking at how stunning you and your team shots were. We thought the difficult stances in front of the camera and be under the scorching sun were so worth the sweat and awkwardness. We are both camera shy (lol), it was a real challenge for us but working with an engaging team as yours made it a lot bearable. Little did we know, we were just striking a pose freely and naturally. Thank you for meeting and even surpassing our expectations, you all did an immense work to capture every detail of our wedding. Both those candid and artful portraits were equally great. We cannot wait to flip pages and smile widely at every photo. Thank you, the world deserves to see more of your works! Keep clicking! “

Juls & Rovie

“What we like the most about Love Train was how natural their photos look. It wasn’t over enhanced and whenever we look at it, it seems like we were living in the moment all over again. Their team was super fun to work with, from the prenup until the wedding day itself. Prenup was actually a week away from the wedding but the photos came a day after the shoot. Wedding photos came out on the day itself but we actually took the copy of the photos over a year later (because of personal stuff – not LTS) including the photobook & the canvas but even though they have a lot of couples/customers they’re attending to, they still accommodated us. Imagine, over a year later talaga literal, but when I went to their studio we just laughed about it. I couldn’t be grateful enough for Deneb and the whole team! I know success will really follow you guys!”

Karl & Mel

“We have very much to thank Love Train Studios and the team for their time and effort. Love Train Studios exceeded our expectations for our dream wedding. They are very professional and has a very good work ethic. They helped us lessen the stress and worries from pre-wedding shoot up to the wedding day. It was really fun working with them. They made sure to capture authenticity of emotions in every moment. If ever we’ll celebrate and get married again for our wedding anniversaries in the future, we’ll surely get them again cause they’re the best in town. Highly recommend for couples planning to tie the knot. All the best Love Train Studios and may you continue to capture these special moments in your future couples.”

About uS

With over 10 years of wedding photography experience and 15 years as hobbyists, we are a team that shares the same true passion for photography: to inspire, to document, to capture, and to bring joy to another.