A single prayer can do so many surprising things. You know, those kinds that you never even imagine could happen. And would you believe that for Yvonnie, it brought her the man of her dream – literally?


It all started after a failed relationship. Recovering from it, our heroine prayed to God for a man with 7C’s instead – namely, Christian (with the same faith as hers), Character (a must!), College graduate, Cash (she doesn’t want to pay for their dinner bills lol), Car (haha, why not), Chinito (they look super clean), Cute (this is a bonus request). And surprise, surprise, she did find it all in one man. But the drama is, he’s so near yet so far.
They were church mates. His crowd though wasn’t hers. They were practically strangers. That is until a church activity in 2007 paired them up together and tango brought them closer. Yes, you read it right – “tango”, the dance. She described, “He held my right hand and the other hand on my waist. That. feeling. Shucks. Ma Hiligaynon na ko mag describe sang akon nga gna batyag kay daw hindi ma explicar sang English. “Makatulunaw”.” 😀
From then on, things bloomed. And then, Yvonnie dreamed of a guy in his high school toga. The face was in blur. The following day, he asked him for his high school graduation picture, and she confirmed, it was him! It was Vincent from the spikes of his hair, to the toga, to the shade of his skin. Right then, Yvonnie knew he was “the one”.
Fast forward to a year later, Vincent took what they have to a whole new level. With the setting sun in the background, Vincent asked “Yvon, will u be my girlfriend?” Without hesitation she said, “YES! YES! YES!” Love was saturating that place.
Yvonnie thought that it was a funny prayer, but her God is a God of the specifics and He gave her the desires of her heart. “Thank you Jesus! Vincent is the answered prayer! 7C’s.. Check.” 🙂
And just like in any good romantic movie, they became a couple after that. Unlike many pairs though, they remain head over heels in love with each other and continue to count years being so happily together.
Now, isn’t that dreamy? Who wouldn’t want such a love story?
Yvonnie and Vincent, your tale is an excellent proof of love in action. Congratulations on winning our “What’s Your Love Story” competition. It’s very well deserved!
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Special thanks to the following for helping out with Vincent and Yvonnie’s love shoot. 🙂
Gown: Djohn Clement
Hmua: Ira Jucaban | Upcoming Make-up Workshop – click here
Wood lettering: Mayee Barredo | Upcoming Basic Calligraphy Workshop – click here


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