There is no other story like a beautiful love story. It touches your heart, warms your soul and generally just makes you believe that life is wonderful. That is why we’ve decided to hold a love story contest during our anniversary. 🙂
So, who won? Drum roll please…it’s Neriz and Jon!

Their love is a tale of serendipity, friendship and second chances – a great material for a romantic movie! So how can we not pick it?
Read on and check how it worked out for them.
It all started in 2003. Neriz and her family moved to New Jersey where Jon was living. Somehow, that got the two of them linked having many mutual friends, probably meeting once or twice, but never really talking. They even found a group picture with Jon on one end and Neriz on the other, to this day they never really remembered meeting each other at the time.

They just knew of each other’s existence when Jon saw Neriz in nothing but a towel in her basement in 2008. Not exactly love at first site as they both felt overwhelmingly awkward! As it turned out, Neriz’s mom was Jon’s classmate in grad school! They were doing a group project in their basement when Neriz came in. From then on, things progressed smoothly between them.

But no relationship is all dandy. After 3 years of being together, the two decided to call it quits and just be friends.

However, when Jon’s grandmother passed away, Neriz was the very first person to be with him. Right then, he realized he can’t be without her. Working hard, Jon asked for a second chance. And he got it! But of course, not without some begging in the mix.

In 2014 they planned a trip to Paris, and Jon knew that Neriz was expecting him to propose under the Eiffel Tower. Little did she know, he already had the ring and was going to propose along the New York City Skyline! He brought her to the waterside, where they had one of their first dates, and then Jon asked her to marry him.

Now, the two of them are engaged to be married next year! Which better place to have it than in Boracay, where Neriz always wanted to be wed. We recently did this love shoot during their vacation in Boracay.

To Jon and Neriz, congratulations on winning our #LoveTrainTerrificTwo contest.
All the good things to your coming wedding! 🙂

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