Did you know? Love is a laugh machine!


Sure, it’s not the most common description of the word. But, think about it. Is there anyone in love who doesn’t laugh?

Just take yourself for example. Don’t you burst into laughters in random moments whenever you’re with someone you love – be it family or friend, companion or lover?


Sometimes, spoken conversation is not even needed to turn a moment into a laugh fest. You just happen to look at each other and your brains start talking in whatever language they are speaking, then, viola, a laughing fit kicks in!


You see, love comes in variety. There is one that comes slow. But it’s steady and sure you could almost see it coming. There is also a type that hits you like lightning. It strikes out of nowhere and you’re never the same. Another is a kind of love that’s just there. You don’t know when it started but it is present, always watching, protecting and never fading.


All these types of love bear happiness. And the manifestation of that happiness? Genuine smiles and laughters that can never be chained. Regardless of time and place, they will come out unrestrained.


So this love month, what are you waiting for? Get that engine rolling and let’s celebrate love with laughs.


Here are some of the candid moments we’ve captured to prove that indeed with love, laughters are no laughing matter. They are serious displays of happiness! 😀

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