Karlo and Dani – Theirs is a well-seasoned love. And their wedding? It was nothing short of fun!


Karlo was born and raised in the Philippines. And as the romantics say, love found its way and it brought him and Dani together. Forward to some years later, two beautiful gifts came along their way. They named them Scoutt and Harper.


Simply said, the couple’s two adorable daughters made their enjoyable wedding even more amusing. Held in the island paradise Boracay last November, the very special event took off with loud and excited cheers from their family and friends.


Here’s a glimpse of the first part of their lively and carefree wedding ceremony. 🙂


dk-boracay-beach-wedding-01 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-02
The  beautiful bride getting ready for her big day…
…taking a photo of their wedding suppliers – that would be us. 🙂
Karlo with his groomsman a.k.a his dad. How cool is that?
dk-boracay-beach-wedding-07 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-17dk-boracay-beach-wedding-16dk-boracay-beach-wedding-08 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-09 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-10dk-boracay-beach-wedding-95
Scoutt and Harper…you just got to love these two super cute girls. 😀
dk-boracay-beach-wedding-30dk-boracay-beach-wedding-11 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-12 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-13
The stunning couple all prepped before their walk down the aisle.
dk-boracay-beach-wedding-14 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-15 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-18 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-19

Moments before the “moment.”
dk-boracay-beach-wedding-20 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-21 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-22 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-23dk-boracay-beach-wedding-24dk-boracay-beach-wedding-25 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-26 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-27 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-28 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-29dk-boracay-beach-wedding-31dk-boracay-beach-wedding-33

Photographer to be! Harper trying to figure out how to operate it. 😀dk-boracay-beach-wedding-34dk-boracay-beach-wedding-35 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-32dk-boracay-beach-wedding-36

This way to a stunning wedding at the beach!dk-boracay-beach-wedding-37dk-boracay-beach-wedding-38 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-39 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-40 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-41 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-42 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-43 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-44

Here comes the beautiful bride and her father… dk-boracay-beach-wedding-45 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-46 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-47 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-48 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-49 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-50 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-51 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-52 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-53 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-54 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-55 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-56 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-57 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-58 dk-boracay-beach-wedding-59

It’s Official! dk-boracay-beach-wedding-60


Photo: Love Train Studios

Video: The Fourth Project
Hair and Make-up: Colors and Strokes
Coordinator & Stylist: The Green Button Events
Bouquet & Boutonniere: The Green Button Events
Bridal Gown: Anna Campbell
Venue: Ambassador In Paradise Boracay


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