If you’re going to have a beach wedding or going on an adventure to a new island, it will be such a waste not to take advantage of the beautiful views. The blue water, tropical trees, and the clear sky will sure make a picturesque background!

But remember, you have to own your beach photoshoot. While the picture perfect surrounding may make your photos enthralling, it can drown you and your partner out. So, see to it that you both are the stars of the show and that it will be clearly seen in each shot. šŸ™‚

Now the question is – how do you do it? How do you make yourselves the heart of the images?
Here are some of our tips:

1. Schedule your shoot during the day. Preferably, have it in the morning from 7am to 10am. The beach looks the most beautiful during that time with the sea at its bluest and the vegetation at its greenest. The sun is also not too harsh during this time.


You can also have your shoot in the afternoon from 4pm onwards. The water will not be as blue by this time but you can have an amazing sunset shot. If you’re into more dramatic photos, then this is the best time for you.


2. Check out our previous works. It will give you an idea of what poses we will most likely ask you to do.


Remember though, the best shots are often not staged. So, even when we asked you to sit this way or stand that way, do it naturally. Add your own flare and just be yourself all the way! šŸ™‚


3. Interact with us! Your beach engagement shoot is a great opportunity for you to bond with us. Share your ideas and discuss the things you and your partner are not comfortable doing in front of the camera.


On our side, it is a great help to determine your best angles. That will enable us to take even better photos during your wedding!


4. Wear simple and natural looking makeup. Sure thing, you want to look nice during the photoshoot. But you don’t want to overdo it and not look like yourself. Still, it’s best to hire a professional makeup artist for less stress and a more polished look.


5. Be in comfortable clothes. Wear something that doesn’t make you feel so self-conscious. If mini skirts are not your thing, then don’t show up in the photoshoot with it. It will appear in the pictures that you’re trying so hard to be someone you are not. Besides, the photos will also show your discomfort.


Don’t wear tops that are too tight as the camera captures every bulge of your body. Don’t wear something too loose because that will make you look bigger. Wear something that just fits you right to avoid restricted movements and unflattering shots.

And because you’ll be most likely under the sun for a long time, bring sunnies with you. Aside from the fact that it will make you look cooler, it will help prevent you get photographed squinting.


If you intend to wear a dress or bridal gown, wear something light and flowy. Remember that we are shooting outdoors, you want to be able to easily and freely move around with your dress.


6. Avoid neon colored outfits and/or cheesy couple shirts. You and your partner could wear coordinated clothes. But wearing something of the same color and design is over the top, but you can select a color of the same palette. You are a couple but you still have your individualities. šŸ™‚

A special and important shirt like this one is a good exception. This truly tells a lot about the couple and their story. šŸ™‚

Meanwhile, neon colored outfits are distracting, they take away the focus from you. They also cast a weird shade on your skin. Hence, it’s best to stray away from using them. You can wear prints and plain colored outfits that would perfectly compliment each other.


7. Use props sparingly. The shoot is all about your love. Just pick a number of props that got sentimental value to both of you or things that represent significant events in your relationship. Using less props will also save time which could be used in taking more photos of you.

Banner signs or letter initials are a simple way to easily personalized your photos.

8. Lastly… Enjoy and have fun! This is prolly the best tip we can give. Remember, your prenup shoot isn’t just any random picture taking. It’s a huge event that will give you lasting memories.

So, make sure to get the most out of it! What better way to do that than getting it all done while having a great time, right? Smile, laugh and be silly if you want! Let the happiness you’ve got be shown in those photos!

If your marriage is a book, an engagement shoot is like its prologue. Make it an incredible preview of what’s coming next with all these tips!

And of course, we, your photographers, are always here to help. Tell us what you think and we’ll do our best to make things work. Our goal is to capture your love and joy at its best. So, let’s be a team and get the shoot rolling! šŸ™‚